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High-quality materials for sauna – wall panels and bench boards.

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Wall panels

Wall panels are made of natural wood material – aspen and black alder. Materials from thermo wood are also offered, which provide higher material strength and immunity to the effects of the surrounding environment, and also allow to achieve a variety of colors and shades according to the needs of each customer. The material used in our wall panels is recommended for saunas because it is resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations.

Bench boards

Aspen, black alder, as well as thermo wood are mainly used for making sauna bench boards. Aspen and black alder wood are suitable materials designed to withstand high temperatures and humidity. It will not only maintain its durability, but also give the  aroma of aspen wood, which will complement and improve the overall room atmosphere. It is also able to retain heat effectively, keeping the heat in the room and resisting humidity and temperature fluctuations for a long time.

About LV Timber

LV TIMBER is a modern, technologically advanced sawmill specializing in the processing of aspen and black alder logs. We provide a full cycle of production, starting with sawing logs, drying, edging and cross-cuttinging timber and finishing with planing the material to certain wall panel and bench profiles.

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